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Mr. Kumbar Raju Basappa
Head of Department
Dear Students,
I welcome you all on the behalf of Sanjay Ghodawat Polytechnic.
The Mechanical Engineering Department is established in 2012. The Department has intake of 120 students. Mechanical Engineering is one of the major streams in the engineering profession and its principles are involved in the design, development, production and construction of nearly all of the physical devices and systems.
The Department has well established Machine shop & Workshop, CNC Lab, Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Lab, Thermal Engineering Lab, Theory of Machine Lab, Manufacturing process Lab, Mechanical Engineering Materials Lab, Metrology & Quality Control Lab, Industrial Fluid Power Lab, Control Engineering Lab, Mechatronics Lab, Along with the Academic development, various activities are organized to develop soft skills of the students such as Paper Presentation, Industrial Visits and Expert Lectures etc.
Mechanical engineers use the basic principles of motion, energy, and force to design and manufacture a vast-range of products. Mechanical Engineering is a creative profession in which students are trained to conceive, construct, test, and operate all kinds of mechanical, thermal, mechatronic devices. Today's mechanical engineers may work on developing robotic systems for manufacturing; develop a prototype of an electric car; build and test turbojets; design and produce advanced materials for supersonic travel or for medical purposes, such as the mechanical heart valve; fabricate components for micro and Nano electro mechanical systems ranging from optical micro switches to active drug delivery chips.
The Mechanical Engineering at Sanjay Ghodawat Polytechnic aims to high-caliber mechanical engineers for a demanding profession. The polytechnic curriculum emphasizes the basic principles of the discipline and educates student in the use of these principles to solve simple to complex engineering problems. Throughout the curriculum, students learn how to design and conduct experiments.