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"All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the in seeds of today." Sanjay Ghodawat Polytechnic was planted as a sapling in the year 2012 at the Sanjay Ghodawat Institutes and today it has bloomed as a huge tree bearing fruits. After a glorious journey of 7 years, the Polytechnic has earned lots of credits and accolades, it is one of the youngest Polytechnic to earn the NBA Accreditation for all its courses.

The 'Knowledge Review Magazine' has reckoned it among the top 10 Polytechnics of the Nation in 2018. The MSBTE has given the Polytechnic 'Excellent Rank' and also its Electric Machine Lab was awarded with Best Laboratory Award. All these achievements are icing on the cake over the noble work of helping thousand of students gain the necessary skills in Engineering and making them employable and imparting the entrepreneurial spirit in them.

We believe that students who walk in our Polytechnic are potential energy waiting to be unleashed and through our rigorous academics, exposure to practicals in the labs, industry exposure, training in soft skills we help them to bring out their best selves. I welcome you parents and students to the Sanjay Ghodawat Polytechnic and also welcome your suggestions so that together we may reward our students with a bright and promising future. Let's join hand to conquer the world with SGI !

Thank you.

Shri. Virat V. Giri
Sanjay Ghodawat Polytechnic